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From the simplest bulb to a flamboyant chandelier & ceiling fans, Patriot Lighting Company plays a significant role in shaping the aesthetics and ambiance of our spaces.

One of the well-known names in the Lighting industry is Patriot Lighting, a brand that has carved its niche in ceiling fans replacement parts & Lighting.

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Patriot Lighting Products

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  • Patriot LED Lighting is a prominent provider of LED lighting solutions, revolutionizing the illumination industry with its energy-efficient and eco-friendly products.



Ceiling Fans

  • Patriot Ceiling Fans are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and superior performance. With a diverse selection of styles and finishes.
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Replacement Parts

  • Patriot Lighting & Ceiling Fans Replacement Parts offer a reliable solution for maintaining and repairing your lighting fixtures and fans.

Patriot Lighting Light Fixtures

The array of products offered by Patriot Lighting sets them apart. Their catalog is as broad as it is impressive, ranging from unassuming ceiling lights to grand chandeliers, from discreet wall lights to bright outdoor fixtures.

Among these, Patriot Lighting’s ceiling lights stand out, as they effortlessly integrate into the design and decor of your home.

Available in diverse designs, such as flush mounts, pendants, and even ceiling fans with lights, these products offer the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

For instance, the flush mount ceiling light models add a touch of elegance to your space with their sleek design and soft illumination.

On the other hand, the pendant lights can serve as an alluring centerpiece in your kitchen or dining area, showcasing not just a light fixture but a statement piece.

While it is crucial to review lighting products, Patriot Lighting goes above and beyond with its commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a majority of their products stocked in stores like Menards and Home Depot, it is easy for customers to view, select, and review these lighting fixtures.

One product that has received praise in reviews is Patriot Lighting’s outdoor fixtures. Be it wall lights, landscape lights, or solar lighting offers, the brand provides durable, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing options.

Patriot lights can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space while also offering safety and visibility.

Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fans

Patriot Lighting’s ceiling fans lights can transform any area of your home into a vibrant, well-lit space.

From your kitchen to your living room, these fixtures can accentuate the existing decor while also providing the necessary illumination.

Their ceiling fan lights come in various styles, such as flush mount, semi-flush mount, and pendant lights.

These lighting fixtures, with their stylish designs and various models, can seamlessly blend into your home’s interior design or stand out as the room’s centerpiece.

Patriot Light Fixtures

When it comes to installation, Patriot Lighting offers a variety of products designed for simple and convenient assembly.

Whether it’s a ceiling light, wall fixture, or outdoor lamp, each product comes with comprehensive instructions, and a customer service team is ready to assist you if necessary.

It’s essential to mention that while installation instructions are provided, it’s recommended to hire a professional for ceiling fan installations or any complex light fixtures.

This is to ensure safety and proper installation.

Industrial and Outdoor Lighting

Patriot Lighting also caters to those who prefer an industrial aesthetic, offering light fixtures that combine function and form.

From statement-making pendant lights to functional flush mounts, these products are a testament to the brand’s versatility.

In addition, Patriot Lighting’s outdoor lighting range is extensive, from solar-powered lights to landscape lights. These products are durable, designed to withstand various weather conditions, and easy to install.

By combining stylish designs with the latest in lighting technology, these fixtures enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Patriot Lighting Company Website

Menards, a renowned home improvement store, is a one-stop-shop for Patriot Lighting products. They offer a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to match any area of your home.

The store also boasts a robust online presence, allowing customers to review products, compare prices, and make purchases conveniently.

Patriot Lights Manufacturer

Patriot Lighting aims to “make your home” brighter and better, transforming spaces with its diverse range of lighting products.

Each light fixture is designed to be more than just an illumination source. It’s a decor piece that enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Note that all information regarding products and services, including prices, is subject to change. It’s advisable to visit Menards or Home Depot websites or physical stores for the most accurate and updated information.

Patriot Lighting Official Website

Patriot Lighting Official Website

There isn’t any specific or “official” Patriot-Lighting website. Menards, a Lighting & Home improvement retail company, own this brand.

To find information about Patriot-Lighting , you can visit Menard’s official website ( and search for “Patriot Lighting” in the search bar.

Patriot Lighting Customer Service

as we said above, this brand is owned by Menard’s. So if you want to Connect with Patriot-Lighting Customer Service, you have to talk with Menard’s Customer Care Service Through Email Or Phone Numbers.

Email customerservice(@) and ask them for the replacement part For the Patriot-Lighting Product you are looking for.

Here we have some phone numbers that might be helpful for you to reach out to the official Patriot-Lighting Customer Service

  • (800) 560-8274 (Menards)

Customer Care Service:

  • (715) 876-2600 (Menards Transportation Office)

Menard Headquarter:

  • (715) 876-5911


Patriot Lighting offers Ceiling Fans, Replacement Parts & broad indoor & outdoor lighting solutions designed to be reliable, stylish, and easy to install.

Whether you’re renovating your home or just replacing an old light fixture, consider the many options that Patriot-Lighting offers. With its commitment to building quality and customer satisfaction, This Brand continues to lead in the world of lighting fixtures.

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