Patriot Lighting Replacement Parts

When it comes time to replace a broken ceiling fan, lighting fixture, bulb or any lighting products, having access to quality Patriot lighting replacement parts is essential.

Patriot Lighting offers an extensive selection of lighting parts, ceiling fan parts and components to repair and maintain your indoor and outdoor lights & ceiling fan.

In this article, we will explore the many Patriot Lighting replacement parts available to keep your home looking its best.

Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

Patriot Lighting Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

Ceiling fans are subject to a lot of wear and tear. If your Patriot Lighting ceiling fan breaks, replacement parts can get it back in working order.

From blades and light kits to motors and remote controls, Patriot Lighting stocks parts for most models.


Over time, ceiling fan blades can become cracked, warped, or discolored. Replace individual damaged fan blades to give your fan a uniform appearance.

Patriot Lighting has replacement blades available in various sizes, colors, and material types including wood, plastic, and metal.

Make sure to select the exact size needed for your fan.

Light Kits

Many Patriot Lighting ceiling fans come with integrated light kits. If the lights stop working or you want to upgrade to more energy-efficient LED bulbs, you can buy replacement light kits.

Ensure you get the right socket base for the bulbs you’ll be using.


Ceiling fan motors contain the inner workings that power the blades. Motors can wear out over time resulting in uneven spinning or stopping altogether.

Patriot Lighting has exact replacement motors to swap into the housing and get your fan turning properly again.

Switches and Controls

Fan speed switches, pull chains, and remote control units commonly need replacing from normal wear and tear.

Patriot Lighting has parts like wall switches, remote controls, receiver units, pull chains, and reverse switches in stock for prompt replacement.

Patriot Lighting Chandelier Parts

patriot lighting chandelier replacement parts

For dazzling chandeliers, chic pendants, and hanging lights, Patriot Lighting has all the parts you need for repairs and upgrades.

From lamp sockets to crystal drops, here are top chandelier replacement parts:

Lamp Sockets

Chandelier sockets get a lot of use screwing bulbs in and out. Replace cracked, worn, or broken lamp sockets to ensure bulbs make a solid connection.

Patriot Lighting stocks socket assemblies for chandelier arms in various sizes and bases.


Frayed or damaged wiring is a fire hazard and needs immediate replacement.

Get replacement wires or electrical cords for chandeliers and hanging lights to make repairs safely. Make sure to get the right gauge and length.

Crystals and Prisms

One of the most common repairs for chandeliers is replacing dropped or missing crystals or prisms.

Patriot Lighting has a wide selection of hanging crystals and prisms in various shapes, sizes, and cuts to match existing pieces.


Pendant lights and chandeliers commonly use fabric shades or glass lamp covers that need periodic replacing due to age or damage.

Choose replacement shades from Patriot Lighting that fit the socket size and shape of your existing fixture.

Patriot Lighting led replacement parts

Patriot Lighting led replacement parts

Keep lights glowing bright with Patriot Lighting’s range of lamp and bulb replacement parts:


Loose lamp sockets can cause dangerous shorts. Replace cracked or damaged lamp sockets in table lamps, sconces, night lights and more.

Harps and Finials

Lamp harps hold shades in place and finials decorate the top. Replace broken finials or bent harps to refresh old lamps.

LED Boards

LED fixtures have circuit boards that can malfunction over time.

For flickering or dead LED lights, swap in a new LED board for an easy fix.

Light Bulbs

Burned out bulbs are one of the simplest repairs. Patriot Lighting stocks LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent and specialty replacement bulbs for any application.

Patriot landscape lighting Replacement parts & Security Light

patriot lighting Landscape and Security Light Parts

Patriot Lighting has the components needed to make repairs and upgrades for outdoor spots, floods, and security lighting.

From broken sockets to cracked lenses, here are some essential replacement parts for outdoor lights:

Lamp Sockets

Outdoor lamp sockets are exposed to weather and can short out or fail to make contact.

Replace corroded sockets in your outdoor lighting to get lights working properly again.

Lenses and Covers

Lens covers protect the bulb inside outdoor lights.

Replace cracked or cloudy lenses to keep moisture out and light shining bright. Get exact replacements for existing fixtures.

Motion Sensors

Security lights use sensors to detect movement and turn lights on.

Faulty sensors that won’t activate may need replacing. Patriot Lighting has replacement sensors for most models.

Mounting Hardware

From loose wires to broken brackets, replace any damaged mounting components to rehang outdoor lighting safely. Get replacement mounts, wiring, and hardware.

Patriot Lighting Replacement Parts Hardwire

patriot lighting hardwire replacement parts

For simple repairs to light switches, electrical boxes, and fixtures, Patriot Lighting has convenient hardwire replacement parts on offer:

Switches and Dimmers

Light switches and dimmers receive constant use and can fail over time.

Replace worn-out switches with smooth gliding action. Choose dimmers to control brightness.

Outlet Boxes

Broken or corroded electrical boxes are hazardous.

Swap in new outlet boxes when repairs are needed for safety. Choose from metal or plastic.

Wire Nuts and Connectors

Re-connecting wires securely are crucial for safety. Replace worn wire nuts and electrical connectors that may be cracked or damaged.

Cords and Plugs

Frayed or broken lamp cords also present risks. Replace broken cords or add new plug ends for table and floor lamps.

Get specs like gauge, length, and number of conductors.

Patriot Solar Lighting Replacement Parts

Patriot Lighting manufactures a variety of solar-powered lighting products, including solar pathway lights, solar spot lights, and solar post lights.

If your Patriot Solar light fixture stops working properly, you may need to replace certain parts to get it functioning again. Common replacement parts for Patriot Solar lighting include:

LED light bulbs

These screw-in bulbs are easy to swap out when they burn out. Make sure to get a replacement bulb with equivalent wattage and lumens as the original.

Solar panels

The solar panel converts light to power the fixture. If the panel becomes damaged or stops working, it will need to be replaced.


Patriot Solar lights use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to store power. Batteries can wear out over time and need to be changed every 2-3 years in solar lights.

Stakes or mounting hardware

Replacement stakes or mounting brackets may be needed if the originals become damaged or lost.

How to Buy Patriot Lighting Replacement Parts

Now that you know what’s available, here are tips for purchasing replacement parts for Patriot Lighting fixtures:

Shop the Patriot Lighting Website

The most convenient option is to shop the official Patriot Lighting website. Browse the replacement parts section and enter your model number to find compatible components. Parts ship directly to your door.

Check Home Improvement Stores

Many Patriot Lighting products are also sold at Home Depot, Menards, and similar home improvement stores. Check their lighting parts section or speak to an associate to find parts for Patriot fixtures sold in-store.

Compare Prices Online

Search online marketplaces like Amazon to compare pricing on generic replacement parts like wires, cords, and switches. Generic parts can cost less than branded parts direct from the manufacturer.

Consider Third Party Suppliers

Some online lighting distributors stock replacement parts for major brands like Patriot Lighting. Sites like AllModern Lighting and Lightology may offer chandelier crystals, cords, and hardware.

Look for Discounts and Sales

Sign up for the Patriot Lighting email newsletter for news on sales and special offers on select replacement parts and lighting products. You can often save 10-25% on your order.

Patriot Lighting Replacement Parts Key Takeaways

  • Patriot Lighting stocks replacement parts for most lighting models, including ceiling fans, chandeliers, outdoor lights, and more.
  • Shop online or at home stores for fan blades, light kits, crystals, sensors, bulbs, cords, and hardwire.
  • Compare prices between original parts, generics, and third-party lighting suppliers.
  • Sign up for sale alerts and discounts on lighting parts and fixtures.
  • Promptly replacing damaged parts keeps lights bright and the home safe.

With quality lighting parts from Patriot Lighting, you can quickly repair and maintain lighting fixtures as needed. Keep your home brightly illuminated with new bulbs, updated parts, and safe repairs.

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